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PeopleVine has the ability to take on the look and feel of your web site, by setting up a custom page layout.

PeopleVine will automatically generate this screen for you out of the box. You can update it via CSS and JavaScript to ensure it takes on your brand's look and feel.

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Co-Working Space

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let's get started.

Co Working

Set Up Account

  • Once we get the company setup, we'll take you through the process to create their full profile. You must enter the company's name.
  • This should be their main customer facing inbox. You must enter the company's email address.
  • This is the zip code for their main location. If they don't have a physical address, then enter your zip code. You must enter the company's zip code.

Create Memberships

Set up Rooms

Set Up Rooms
Book A Tour
Select pre-canned automatic emails
Create an event
  • Attach a graphic
Add Mentors
Create your company’s directory
  • Enter your company name as you would like it to be displayed on your passes.

  • e.g.

  • This should be an email address that your customers can contact you regarding their passes.

  • Either attach a new logo or skip to use the existing logo.

Set Up SMS Keyboard
  • 150 Characters Remain
Set up Social Media Monitors
  • 150 Characters Remain
Add Users
Add Users

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